The LEGO Batman Movie (dir. Chris McKay, 2017)

After months of anticipation, I was lucky enough to get tickets to The LEGO Batman Movie on its US release date of February 10th. Not only that, but I got to see it in 3D, people. Anyone who knows me knows my love for Batman in pretty much all his incarnations (I wrote my BA dissertation on Batman and existentialism, I own the complete Adam West Batman TV series, action figures and all of the films worth talking about) and lettuce be very clear here – I do not own the Val Kilmer or George Clooney films and neither should you.

Now, back to business. There is genuinely nothing not to love about this movie. The plot focuses on Batman’s continued fight against crime in Gotham City, which is suddenly turned on its head when he hurts the Joker’s feelings by exclaiming that the Joker is not as important in Batman’s life as he thinks he is. Joker being Joker, he seeks the ultimate revenge (as well as acknowledgement that he is in fact the greatest villain that Gotham has ever seen). Chaos ensues and as ever Batman’s status as an orphan is raised and brought into a new, healing light.

My slight bias aside, the film is superior to its predecessor in every way, especially with regards to the fast-paced action and constant references to traditional Batman tropes. Moments to look out for include a zealously action-packed 60 seconds which features an impression of Michael Keaton’s “Let’s get nuts!” (Batman, 1989, dir. Tim Burton) and Adam West dancing the Batusi. If you didn’t understand my enthusiasm for this film, hopefully that last sentence cleared it up.

Other moments to look out for are the many monsters that are unleashed on Gotham City including, Sauron, Lord Voldemort, King Kong, The Kraken, Medusa, The Wicked Witch of the West and The Gremlins among others. There’s also the wonderfully uplifting moment where Batman and his long-time adversary, Joker, must literally work together to save Gotham.

If you played with Lego at any point in your childhood and/or know that Batman is the best superhero of all time, this movie is for you. Hell, this movie is for everyone, go see it in 3D if you can!

Read my review of The LEGO Movie from 2014 here.


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Michelle Audrey 2017


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